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Escaped Kiwi

Escaped Kiwi is a blog written by travel industry insiders (House of Travel Christchurch City) for us regular folks. The blog gives insights and tips for travellers that you might not hear about, unless you're on the inside.

Specific to New Zealanders travelling overseas, the blog concept inspired us to create the brand name  'Escaped Kiwi'. The idea behind this name is no one really wants to see a Kiwi confined. Freedom to travel the world is something all New Zealanders are inspired to do, from the OE to a family get-away. 'Escaped Kiwi' is an icon for that dream made real.

The character design was inspired by an earlier in-house icon design project we called 'official kiwi'. It was the addition of the backpack that nailed it for us. Love it when something just falls into place, and an earlier idea finally gets life.

Austin Texas Credit Unions

ATXCU is a sister website to ACCU, both of which we designed, along with their respective branding. ACCU acts for all the Credit Unions in Austin, Texas, while their public service website, ATXCU, serves as a education and communication platform for the wider Austin community.

ATXCU brand design


ATXCU brand design

Dovetail X in development

Dovetail X turns creative and tech freelancers into pop-up agencies to supercharge their work. See the end of this page for an explanation of just what the heck we're talking about.

We are developing Dovetail X right now, and while the real hard stuff is being built in the background, we can show you some of the bits were designing here.

Screen-Artboard 1 copy 3@2x-.png
Screen-Artboard 1@2x-.png

About Dovetail X

Freelancers go from isolated, to part of a network with unlimited collaborative capabilities. Freelancers are limited to low-budget jobs and restrictive contracts. Collaborating with others usually means sharing a budget made-for-one. Dovetail X enables independent creatives to form pop-up project teams and win more valuable business.

Users can search, assemble, and collaborate in one platform. Each team is purpose-built for each project they are working on. The agility of freelancers with the power of collaboration produces effective and adaptable teams.

Dovetail X enables freelancers to work for themselves not by themselves.

It’s free to join at


Happy Holidays in 20 frames

20 frames of fun

20 frames of fun

This is an animation for our 2016 Christmas card. Hand made in our studio. 20 frames of animation, created in Adobe Illustrator. Each frame has elements that move about 3-4 pixels up or down, forward or backward. 10 of the last 20 frames repeat, with the addition of the house and tree added to create an illusion of a longer sequence.