Design Stories

Unexpected up side


Designed for the US-based 'Unexpected Project', a documentary series and conference in maternity health dealing with traumatic loss of life during pregnancy. The design is intended to illustrate in the face of great unexpected loss there is hope. The upside down heart shape is countered by the positive word up. The design intention is that the positive message of hope appears stronger than the sadness of an inverted heart.

This is one of those designs that unfolded in the mind before pencil or mouse was moved. However it was important to set out the development path to insure nothing was missed. Jumping into the final design without testing the idea might have left unanswered questions, even doubt the idea had been fully explored. Subtle design adjustments can make a big difference, even when some of those tweaks are discarded giving greater confidence the final design has been well tested.



The design project was sponsored by Lucina Maternity, a registered 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, based in California.


Designer: Simon Darby