Design Stories

Escaped Kiwi

Escaped Kiwi is a blog written by travel industry insiders (House of Travel Christchurch City) for us regular folks. The blog gives insights and tips for travellers that you might not hear about, unless you're on the inside.

Specific to New Zealanders travelling overseas, the blog concept inspired us to create the brand name  'Escaped Kiwi'. The idea behind this name is no one really wants to see a Kiwi confined. Freedom to travel the world is something all New Zealanders are inspired to do, from the OE to a family get-away. 'Escaped Kiwi' is an icon for that dream made real.

The character design was inspired by an earlier in-house icon design project we called 'official kiwi'. It was the addition of the backpack that nailed it for us. Love it when something just falls into place, and an earlier idea finally gets life.