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Dovetail X in development

Dovetail X turns creative and tech freelancers into pop-up agencies to supercharge their work. See the end of this page for an explanation of just what the heck we're talking about.

We are developing Dovetail X right now, and while the real hard stuff is being built in the background, we can show you some of the bits were designing here.

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Screen-Artboard 1@2x-.png

About Dovetail X

Freelancers go from isolated, to part of a network with unlimited collaborative capabilities. Freelancers are limited to low-budget jobs and restrictive contracts. Collaborating with others usually means sharing a budget made-for-one. Dovetail X enables independent creatives to form pop-up project teams and win more valuable business.

Users can search, assemble, and collaborate in one platform. Each team is purpose-built for each project they are working on. The agility of freelancers with the power of collaboration produces effective and adaptable teams.

Dovetail X enables freelancers to work for themselves not by themselves.

It’s free to join at