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The Christchurch Centre will be a boutique, premium, international meetings and events venue in the heart of New Zealand’s South Island. This world-class facility is set in prime position beside the Ōtākaro Avon River at the centre of New Zealand’s newest city.

Darby was engaged to develop marketing and communications for the commercial operation, and at its core the visual identity and language for The Christchurch Centre.

 Brochure cover

Brochure cover


The creative direction founded its idea on the unique New Zealand location, distinct from all other regional competitors. Christchurch is at the centre of the South Island, an international gateway to one of the world's greatest and most desirable destinations. The creative marketing, communications and brand positioning adopted the idea of the Centre. The centre of New Zealand. The centre of the South Island. The centre of Christchurch. The centre of events.

The creative development of this brand story is ongoing, and in its early stages as the Centre is built.

Due to the long lead times on marketing and sales in the convention industry (two to five years), it was necessary to begin developing key markets before the building design was even finalised. 

With that in mind, we had to develop a sustainable brand marketing position, one that would not alter to any major degree, even with the building design. Using the theme that positioned the Centre as central to our biggest asset, the beautiful South Island, enabled us to build on an established awareness and desire to visit not just New Zealand, but the South Island.

While conference venues can be visually distinct, many modern facilities offer similar services. The competitive edge, outside of cost, is often location. Christchurch ticks the box on all these levels. However, it was necessary to build into the brand marketing that destination distinction, literally front and centre. 

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