Design Stories

Lucina Maternity


Lucina is a registered 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, based in California. It's primary purpose is to promote better maternity care using an integrated team including CNM's, physicians, and health educators. Lucina advocates that a woman should be empowered during her pregnancy to engage in informed decision-making regarding her care and delivery.

We became involved at the very start of this project where the underlying concepts of better maternity care were being formulated. It's a challenge for brand development at this early stage where the message is still evolving. This can be an advantage too. It gave us a simpler brief for an identity that communicated elements of trust and care with a focus on mother and baby. At the same time, as with many startups, we needed to communicate a professional organization that gave, in this instance, donors confidence in participating.

Lucina succeeded in its initial aim, establishing a significant fund, and forging key relationships with CNM's, physicians, and health educators in California, and supporting the opening of new clinics under the Lucina model.

Our ongoing work with Lucina is also in brand marketing communications. This involves online awareness campaigns around healthcare issues concerning women, midwives, CNM's and physicians. As always the brand underpins the messages.

We are also working with Lucina on the development of new hospital-based practices in California, with a view to more across the United States.