Design Stories

Jack's Point


Jack's Point is a 1200 hectare (3000 acre) settlement in one of the most spectacular landscapes in the world - on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, just 15 minutes from Queenstown, New Zealand. The resort and golf course developers talk about 'tread lightly' in their design work, and we took that on board. With the website design for example, we wanted the brand to sit lightly amongst the landscape images

While Jack's Point has been 15 years in the planning, for us it was a startup, albeit a billion dollar one. We approached this from the perspective of our target market, seducing them with the raw and natural beauty of the place. The location is world renowned, and at the same time somewhat exclusive. In developing and delivering the brand story we were keenly aware of the opportunity to attract considerable sales interest, but also careful not to diminish the market positioning in the mid to high end property segments. Understanding our target market is the first task on any project.

As brand development designers, we devised and implemented a brand identity system across all aspects of Jack's Point, from the humble tactile business card to the responsive website serving multiple business and stakeholder interests.

The icon design in the logo is a direct reference to the angular rock face towering above Jack's Point, rock found deeply embedded in the surrounding landscape contour. It's a constant reminder that Jack's Point has been here for millions of years and we are simply caretakers.

The website we developed is also used to house and manage the brand identity and communications program. This allows us to be very market responsive with the brand, while maintaining synchronized continuity for all parties involved in marketing and communications.