Design Stories

Bell & Co


Bell & Co. is a recently launched lunch delivery and catering service. They create food which has a strong emphasis on fresh, local produce that is nourishing and delicious. Charlotte, the founder, was looking to create a brand that supported this mantra and could help the business gain traction and grow. Charlotte saw a need for office workers to easily get a lunch that didn't break the bank or compromise on quality.

The process to develop the brand began by defining the unique value proposition and vision for the business. The name Bell & Co. was created to reflect the collaborative efforts that go into every aspect of the business. Despite the fact that Charlotte was a solo founder, she collaborates regularly with her suppliers, other chefs, designers (us), and craftspeople to keep growing Bell & Co. in new and interesting directions.

When developing a visual brand identity for Bell & Co. the context for how the logo would be used was carefully considered. The logo mark was created a tight unit that could work across a variety of surfaces and touch points. Rather than embark on the expensive process of having packaging printed, we created a stamp for Bell & Co. This was a low-cost, adaptable and effective way to brand the different varieties of packaging.

The website was developed in a two-stage process. The first stage was a landing page that enabled Bell & Co. to quickly get up and running with a professional face. As orders rapidly grew, the need for an online ordering system quickly became clear. The second stage was to create a site for Bell & Co. that could still tell the brand story, but also allow for customers to order and pay online (or choose in-person). The site also schedules Bell & Co.'s orders, making Charlotte's life a lot easier. A user-experience focus was taken, and user testing was done to make sure Bell & Co.'s customers could make an easy transition to the new site.